Off The Knots Progress

Day by Day

Off The Knots Prep Day


The team check their gear before their journey to Malaysia.

Off The Knots Day 1


The voyage begins from Pranburi to Prachuap KiriKhan. More than 100km the boys did well and ready for another go today.

Off The Knots Day 2


The boys set off further south and set up camp in Baan Mor Tong Alan.

Off The Knots Day 3


The team wake up on the beach with no sign of wind, then soon enough the winds comes in but only for a short time and help the boys head further south of Bang Saphan.

Off The Knots Day 4


The wind is a little slow to start with and not as much as the team wants but they make progress down south none the less.

Off The Knots Day 5


No wind in the air so the team take a day to do a gear check and rest on the beach. A big thanks to our sponsors “Food by DK” and “Warrior Supplements.

Off The Knots Day 6


Koh Talu Island! The morning started with an interview of the head of the local village who is now the chief of the Fisheries Regeneration Program. After they had the opportunity to meet Khun Pao whose family run Koh Talu Island Resort and have put so much effort into the restoration of the environment on and surrounding Koh Talu.

He invited the team to stay on the island and explore the nature and beauty of the soon to be popular kitesurfing destination. After a quick snorkel half the team went out onto the pontoon to scuba dive down to the man made coral reef garden.

As they surfaced they were met by Yo doing tricks around the boat with with the slightest of breezes. After the days antics the team were invited back out on the pontoon for a catch your own sea food BBQ.

Off The Knots Day 7


NO WIND !!! So the morning was spent relaxing and double checking the equipment and planning the journey ahead with nautical charts and google earth. In the afternoon we had the fantastic opportunity to get to know more about The Sea Turtle Nursery Initiative that Koh Talu Island Resort have been running for the last 10 years.

The nursery release turtles into the wild 3 times a year and get local school children and even guests staying at the resort to help out. Today they have more than 700 baby turtles, around 50 turtles are at 9 months old and are ready to be released. They also have 6 large older turtles residing in the nursery. Please come down and show your support for such an amazing project.

Off The Knots Day 8


The day started with an amazing sunrise which we watched from the viewpoint up in the cliffs. Now its time to leave this beautiful piece of paradise and continue the journey down south and hope for more wind. We really appreciate Pao’s hospitality and kindness. Koh Talu Island Resort has been a wonderful place and we recommend you come visit the Sea Turtle Nursery.

Off The Knots Day 9


Today the team head south to Chumphon, with new land support crew. The journey down south to the Malaysian border continues.

Off The Knots Day 10


The team research the route ahead as the wind is still not here. Forecasts predict a good couple of days wind ahead, lets hope they’re right.

Off The Knots Day 11


WIND !!! The forecasts were right and the team set off from Chumphon. At one point they were 15 km off the coast because they had to navigate around Chumphon National Marine Park. They were luckily found a lovely spot to land in Sawi covering a total of 64 km.

Off The Knots Day 12


After an amazing day yesterday of powerful winds that took the team past Chumphon National Marine Park, they ended up in Sawi Village far away from civilisation. They befriended the local fisherman and his wife and set up camp outside their beach restaurant. As the sun rose this morning they were chomping at the bit to get going, kites were pumped and everyone was ready to go. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t playing the game and only reached 5 knots throughout the day. So we all prayed to the wind gods.

Off The Knots Day 13


The team woke up on the beach with stormy weather but good strong wind. So they pump up the kites and set off down south waving goodbye to the kind people of Sawi. Superb conditions with variable strengths and directions of wind, through the islands south of Sawi. Towards the end of the day the team noticed a huge amount of rubbish along the coastline which was heartbreaking to see. The lads finalised the day on a secluded beach in front of an abandoned resort, which happened to be near Kum Khao Pluu Hot Springs just north of Surattani. So they headed to relax in the natural waters.

Off The Knots Day 14


A Short distance to Phum Riang Beach of only 34 km was today’s mission, which will be the launching point for the teams most biggest and dangerous part of the whole journey across the huge Surattani Bay. The team arrived early so it was a fun session for the rest of the day on the water. The land support team also got the chance to pump their kites up and have a few hours playing. Huge thanks to DK for sending the delicious support food parcel that the crew devoured during the sunset to give them energy for tomorrow.

Off The Knots Day 15


Huge winds and waves start off the day as the team prepare for the most dangerous part yet of the journey. The Surattani Bay did not disappoint the lads used the smallest kites they had and got worked by very turbulent conditions. The Surattani part of the challenge was finished after a huge upwind struggle. Let hope for good wind tomorrow.

Off The Knots Day 16


Everyone awoke with a huge electrical storm with heavy rain and thunder throughout the night. To save themselves from electrocution the kites stay grounded. So the morning was spent trying to find a positive weather prediction, but for the next 8 days it showed nothing but thunderstorms with no wind all the way down south. Then at lunch time Yo received a message from the navy advising not to continue into the deep south, with only 3 days remaining until the cut off point the team made the difficult decision to turn round. So the next step is to head north to visit the sand dunes of Chumphon for a bit of free riding.

Off The Knots Day 17


The team woke up to big wind and big waves and had a fantastic morning just playing. Even the camera crew had a chance to have a go on the kites. Then they headed back to the Beach House Bistro in Pak Nam Pran to discuss continuing the epic adventure in January over a few celebratory drinks. If anyone is interested in being part of an adventure like this one, get in touch with us on

Off The Knots Day 18 - LAST DAY



The boys are back on their home beach, after a day on the water they met up at The Beach House Bistro for beers and the best Roast Dinner in Thailand. Where discussions started regarding finishing the last leg of the trip.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who was involved throughout the trip, firstly the riders. ‘Yo’ Narapichit Pudla, Tim Kite, Karl Tindell, ‘Andy’ Velocity Pranburi, and Wichiyakun Gumpon. The road crew who where invaluable for the whole thing to happen Dave Holloway, Graham Saunders-Griffiths, Keith Herkt, Ozzy Jeff and Craig Chandler, Jaipech Pantong and Thomas Tschofen.

The companies that helped make this project happen :

Thanks also so much to the fantastic and helpful local people we met along the way they were so friendly and accommodating to us. Their knowledge that we learnt from them at certain points got us through some difficult sections on the trip.

We also want to say a special thank you to the local kitesurfing community and everyone and who has been watching, we appreciate the kind words and support throughout the trip.

If anyone is interested in being part of an adventure like this one, get in touch with us on